Private Utility Locating LLC

provides private underground utility locating for the state of Oregon and SW Washington with over 25 years of locating experience.

Private Utility Locating LLC has experienced and highly trained technicians that can help you locate private underground utility.

Private Utility Locating LLC provides a very high quality customer service with an accurate utility locate for businesses, governments, and residential customers.

What is Public and private utility?

Public utilities are owned by utility providers such electric, water, sewer, cable, natural gas. The utilities that extend beyond the demarcation point are owned by the property owner and considered private utilities.

Prior to any excavation, it is required by the law to call for a utility locate. To have the public utilities located, you need to contact 811 (free service).

Public utility locate service providers do not locate private utilities.

To obtain private utility locates, you need to contact a private utility locating company such as Private Utility Locating LLC.

To be safe, you might need public and private utility locates.

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